Aaahhh! It’s Going To Eat Me!

Written by Joanna Etim, Year 7 (2019)

On a long dusty road was a dark lonely house, all alone. It was abandoned two years ago, when a family left it in a hurry because it was haunted.

 “Tamara and John, are you guys done packing?” asked Mum, who was in such a hurry. “No Mum,” answered Tamara.

My family and I are moving to a new house because the one we’re living in is too old and Mum says we need to get a new one. We were all done packing, so we got into the van and headed off to our new home. As we parked in front of it, Mum, Dad and John said it was really cool, but to me, it seemed weird because it was the only house on that street. Although it was big and looked really spacious, it still looked scary to me. We all unpacked and got inside it, and throughout the day, it was pasta. We also had a picnic, and ate dinner.

It was time to go to bed. We all said goodnight to each other and went to our separate rooms. Mum and Dad went to their room, John went to his, and I went to mine. I had already started dozing off, when I heard strange noises during midnight. I initially thought my ears were deceiving me, until I heard it again. This time, I got out of bed and ran out. When I got out, my mum, dad and John were standing in the corridor too with their sleeping robes on – probably they heard it too.

The noise came again. This time, it was much louder and sounded as if it was down the basement, so we all went down, and behold, we saw zombies and skeletons moving about! They were all going to eat us, so we all ran! 

Then something suddenly happened. While climbing the stairs, I tripped and I fell face flat, while my parents and my brother had escaped, thinking I was behind them. The zombies started coming close to me to eat me, then I shouted, “Aaahhh! It’s going to eat me! Then I woke up, it was all a dream.

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