Alien Abduction

Written by Joy Sule, Year 7 (2018)

On Friday, the 16th of December, the class was quiet as we all listened to Mrs Dina, the English teacher. She was talking about fiction and non-fiction. She said fiction was untrue while non-fiction was true, and I seemed to understand what she meant. She gave examples of fiction, like aliens and other stuff.

After teaching, she gave us homework about what she taught and also said we should research more, and then write about our weekend. It was break time and we all rushed out to play. On the playground, Lacy gave my classmates and I invitations to her birthday party which was to hold from 3:00 to 7:30 pm on Saturday. After school, I got home and told my mum about the invitation and she said I could go. I was so excited and happy that I couldn’t stop jumping around the house.

The next day was Saturday and I couldn’t stop thinking about the fun I was going to have. Around 1:00 pm, I went to select a dress to wear, but then, I noticed a very tiny glowing pebble and I reached for it.

Suddenly, I was in a rocket with a green, slimy, one-eyed and extremely ugly alien. I screamed so loud that the glass cup the alien held broke. I was feeling very irritated and frustrated because slime was drooping from the alien and my screaming was to no avail.

Soon, the rocket landed on a red place and I felt very hot. Then I realised we were on Mars. I started to pray intensely but the alien took me to a tent where I stayed for 30 minutes. Later, he took me to where a group of aliens stood and in the middle of them was a fire. I WAS PETRIFIED! I cried a lot because I knew I was about to be sacrificed.

But what about my parents, my family, my friends, my teachers and the birthday party? Is my life about to end? No! I screamed in my mind. The alien priest was uglier than the first and slimier. He touched my face, then opened my eyes and mouth and said I should be taken back to earth. A sigh of relief came over me and I felt like I just dropped a building off my back.

After about 30 minutes, I was back home in my cosy and comfortable room. I was delighted. It was 2:30 pm on the dot. I took a red dress and a set of heels, brushed my hair and went to Lacy‘s party. Despite my journey and how scared I had been, I still finished a tray of cupcakes and 3 glasses of juice.

I enjoyed my Sunday and tried not to pick any tiny or glowing thing around the house. I also did my homework and wrote a whole lot about my adventure.

On Monday, I read out my homework to the class and Mrs Dina was impressed. She told me my imagination was a very wild one. I thought to myself, “Didn’t Mrs Dina say alien stuff is fiction? HOW COME THIS HAPPENED TO ME?”

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