Horrible Noises

Written by Daniella Amaugo, Year 6 (2019)

15 year old Emily was left home alone while her parents went to their various places of work. Emily went upstairs to take a nap, as she was very tired.

She began to hear some disturbing noises, so she came downstairs to check what it was. As she continued down the stairs, the noises became louder and louder, the TV came on by itself and was showing black and white all over. Goosebumps rushed through Emily’s body. She went step by step, almost tip-toeing and pulled the plug out of the socket, but yet it wouldn’t come off.

Emily went cold, fear all over her pale face. She went numb for a moment, when something else drew her attention. There was a deafening noise coming from the kitchen. Sweat was dripping down from Emily’s clothes, she dashed into the kitchen, still in a dilemma. There she saw doors opening and closing, windows sliding open by themselves. All the sharp objects in the kitchen started to form a ring over her head.

Emily screamed so hard that she woke up and realized that it was just a nightmare. She ran downstairs to get her phone when…she noticed a ring of sharp object floating around in the kitchen…

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