Reading Week

Written by Jasmine Etim, Year 9 (2018)

The reading week that took place in the first half of the second term was designed to help students develop a love for reading and discovering new words.

During the reading week, there was a particular time for reading during which students had to stop classes or whatever they were doing, pick up a book of their choice, and read. At this time, two colourful mascots in the shape of books also went round the school to cheer students on. The mascots were designed by Mr. Amadi, the art teacher and worn by Covenant and Gbolahan.

Mrs Nomthi Odukoya, an author of children’s books was also invited to share her experience as a writer and to encourage students to read. Her book ‘Don’t touch me there’ is quite enlightening and students had a chance to ask her all sorts of questions.

Also, some students were selected to read to their peers on the assembly which led to students exchanging books among themselves and some even winning awards for reading the most books during this period. Mr. Jide used the opportunity to start his own private library which has given many students the opportunity to borrow some very interesting books.

The most interesting part of the reading week was the costume day during which students dressed as their favourite characters from books they had read. Students turned up in very colorful costumes of characters ranging from Harry Potter to Peter Pan.

The reading week was a great success as there is a newfound love for books across the school.

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