The Life of a Writer

Written by Rejoice Uduoba, Year 6 (2019)

I pick up my pencils but surprisingly, I do not know what to write. I think and think as I stare at the vague ceiling and chew my pencil real hard. I search through my memory to remember things I have seen, heard, or even imagined. It ends up in time taking and hard thinking, but it still ends up in … Nothing. Soon I am lost in thought, once more thinking, “How many heads do those who write creative, interesting books have?” I begin to sweat. I am in a state of big-time reflection and yet my page is empty.

Sluggishly, I pick up a glass of cold water and gulp it up. Now, I begin to ask myself, “Dear Rejoice, is it not time to fill these pages?” I release a breath of frustration as I look at my blank page. My back begins to ache and it seems as if I have been on the chair for hours upon hours, only to realize that I started at 12 noon and it is only 12:30 pm. I stick my butt to my chair, determined to write.

I start by depriving myself of the ice-cold water and pick up my pen once again and this time, ideas fill my head. I begin with letters, combining them with words, soon I get simple sentences, then compound sentences, and lastly, complex sentences. I see my fingers gripping my pencil, moving and creating fascinating words that jump out of the imagination of my mind.

To my astonishment, I am now using more pages than I planned. Then I halt, not because my ideas are exhausted, but because deep down in my heart, I know I have written to my satisfaction. I finish my write-up with a big full stop and smiles of accomplishment as I glance at my write up remembering the obstacles faced while writing. I leave you with this, “Patience is the key to opening all doors”.

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