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Established in 2008, West Mills British School is a co-educational secondary day school located in the serene neighborhood of Apapa GRA. We are founded on a commitment to moral integrity and academic excellence as shown by the excellent results of our University of Cambridge checkpoint results in 2016 with 85% of pupils achieving an A and above in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In the IGCSE results of the same year, we recorded a 100% pass.

At WMS, pupils will sit for a minimum of three International exams during the course of study – the check point exams in Year 8, the IGCSE in Year 10 and the A level exams in Year 12- all from the University of Cambridge International Examinations Board. (For more information, please visit www.cie.org.uk.) Year 11 pupils who choose to may also take the SAT 1 and 2 exams and the Nigerian SSCE exams. In Year 12, pupils will sit for the A level exams.

Our Curriculum

We run the National curriculum for England leading to the IGCSE, A level and Nigerian SSCE certification in preparation for a competitive edge in today’s global and rapidly changing world. The IGCSE has the double advantage of being accepted in place of the Nigerian SSCE in Nigeria and is also more recognized and relevant to further study anywhere abroad.  

In Year 12, we offer the A Level curriculum and/ or AP courses which prepares students for direct entry (second year) to University in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

We believe that different students learn in different ways which is why, although our curriculum is both broad and well balanced, we have developed a range of learning strategies to give every student the best possible chance of success.

Through carefully planned tests and assessments, we celebrate achievement and quickly identify where additional support is required.

We also challenge students to be the very best they can be in everything they do at school – rewarding their efforts during special assemblies.

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The accelerated Curriculum

We have put in place a rigorous accelerated curriculum to challenge and extend every pupil so that by the time they graduate from WMS, they are adequately prepared and ready to take up the challenge of university study. This ensures that pupils achieve their personal best and are well prepared for further study.

The accelerated curriculum allows the more able pupils to take the IGCSE at the end of Year 10, so that in Year 11, he/she can start the course of study for A levels, the American SAT and or the Nigerian SSCE.

In the first two years in WMS (Years 7 and 8), pupils will have the opportunity to study a broad range of subjects, allowing them to make informed choices at Key stage 4 : English; Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; Biology; French; History; Geography; Information communication technology (ICT); Art; Music; Christian Religious Studies; Personal, Social & Health Education/Citizenship; Physical Education; English Literature and Arabic. (Arabic is the only optional subject).

By Year 9 (Key Stage 4), they will have the opportunity to choose to study eight to ten subjects depending on interest and ability: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English literature,  English language, Mathematics, Further mathematics, French, Arabic, History, Geography, English Literature, Information  communication technology (ICT), Art & Design Music,  Business studies and Economics at IGCSE level. In Year 11 & Year 12 (Key Stage 5) pupils will choose 5 subjects at AS level and 4 subjects at A levels.


Extra-curricular activities

Our extra-curricular program is one of our great strengths. We attach great importance to pupils’ involvement in clubs and societies as these provide a vital dimension to school life.

Pupils are offered a range of activities to broaden personal horizons. There are many clubs and societies, including Chess, Computing, Spelling, Cookery, Debating, Music (guitar, piano) and Bead making. At West Mills secondary School we are committed to competitive sport, along with its ability to build character and underline the importance of fair play and teamwork.

We presently have Volleyball, Lawn tennis, Basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer, Karate, Table tennis on offer and encourage every student to join in and make healthy lifestyle choices. We aim to provide an activity that each student enjoys, supported by opportunities to compete at all levels. We play friendly matches with many international schools all over the country. Our students and sports teams frequently enjoy high levels of success. School trips and participation in inter school competitions hosted by AISEN (Association of International Schools & Educators of Nigeria) are a common aspect of school life.